About Sonoro

Sonoro is a publicly traded international company focused on unconventional resources (asphalt/bitumen).  Sonoro and its partners hold exclusive exploration rights to asphalt/bitumen (referred to as “ghir” in Iraq) in the Salah ad Din Province pursuant to the Asphalt License (the “License”) with the Salah ad Din Provincial Government (the “Provincial Government”).  Sonoro’s overall corporate strategy is focused on developing asphalt/bitumen resources in Iraq through its strong international relationships and management team experience. Sonoro’s team encompasses a unique combination of previous international unconventional resources exploitation success and strong relationships with regional influence.


Sonoro and its partners hold an asphalt /bitumen exploration license covering 24,000 km2 in Salah ad Din Province in central Iraq.


Within Sonoro’s exclusive exploration license, Sonoro has identified 47 leads and prospects for unconventional bitumen resources Click the Resources link below to view resources information.[small map]