About Sonoro

Sonoro is a Toronto Venture Exchange Oil & Gas publicly traded company focused on unconventional resources. Sonoro and its partners hold exclusive exploration rights to asphalt/bitumen (referred to as “ghir” in Iraq) in the Salah ad Din Province pursuant to the Asphalt License (the “License”) with the Salah ad Din Provincial Government (the “Provincial Government”).  Due to recent events, this project has been placed in “Force Majeure” in July 2014 and the Company is seeking new opportunities.  The Company has access and experience with several new technologies related to heavy oil and enhancing its profitability to provide superior alternatives to conventional development.
The Company retains a 1% gross overriding royalty on previous technology developed and sold to a private company in 2014 involving a sonic reactor in various potential applications excluding heavy oil solvent de-asphalting.
The Company also has remaining interests and rights with heavy oil solvent de-asphalting which it sold to PetroSonic  Energy Inc. in 2012.


Sonoro has provided notice of “Force Majeure” to the Provincial Government in Iraq until such time as the security situation stabilizes.



As the Salah ad Din License is under “force Majeure” the Company currently has no operations ongoing with regards to this License and Project.