Sonoro offers LG-1 Up-dip well update, now holds an effective 99.5% working interest in Budong Budong

CALGARY, Canada (Oct. 27, 2017)— Sonoro Energy Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiary Stockbridge Budong Budong B.V. (“Sonoro” or “the Company” or “Stockbridge” ) (TSX-V: SNV) are pleased to announce that, following oil and gas shows and gas kick to surface from 297 meters, as previously reported, the LG-1 Up-dip well has been successfully controlled, cased, cemented and logged to 297m—with coring drilling operations now commencing from 297 to 500m to the target sands.

The Company is also pleased to announce that it has resolved with Tately Budong-Budong N.V. (“Tately”) its 28% interest being assigned to the benefit of the Company. This will result in the Company now holding a 99.5% working interest in the Budong Budong block.

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