Sonoro confirms results with government regulator and completion of consolidation of Common Shares

CALGARY, Canada (January 12, 2018)—Sonoro Energy Ltd. (“Sonoro” or “the Company”) (TSX-V: SNV) is pleased to announce that following the LG-1 Updip well being cased and cemented, the Company fully demobilized the drilling rig and associated equipment and services. The Company is now undertaking further well analysis of the well results in line with standard industry practices.

The preliminary conclusions are as follows:

  • The four way dip closure of the LG structure is sealed by a claystone/shale interval which is at least 200m thick (evident from overpressure seen below the seal throughout the drilling and testing of the well);
  • The reservoir intervals comprise interbedded packages of sandstones deposited by turbidite currents in a deepwater environmental setting;
  • Initial analysis indicates that the sandstones are clearly porous and largely unconsolidated;
  • Petrophysical analysis, conventional core and cuttings data indicate a 200m interval of interest in the well of which 79m are sandstones with reservoir quality (> 30% log porosity).  The aim of the Drill Stem Test (“DST”) program was to accurately determine how much of this 79m of potential reservoir would actually flow hydrocarbons as most are too thin individually to calculate as pay using the resistivity log;

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