Drilling update on LG-1 Up-dip

CALGARY, Canada (October 11, 2017)— Sonoro Energy Ltd. (“Sonoro” or “the Company”) (TSX-V: SNV), using a proven coring drilling method that’s new to Indonesia’s oil and gas industry, has begun the next stage of operations for drilling the 8½-inch-diameter hole of its LG-1 appraisal well in the province of West Sulawesi, with a planned intermediate casing depth of 300 meters, to then be followed by coring to main target depths between 300 and 500m.

The upper-hole sections, with 133 /8” and 95 /8” casing, have been cemented and completed by Sonoro’s drilling contractor, Balikpapan-based PTI Advanced Services Indonesia (“ASI”), with the permanent wellhead and BOP (blow out preventor) installed for main-hole drilling operations.

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